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    Law Firm Marketing: Our Solutions

    Tweet Up until now, AgentD has regrettably had to turn down law firms as clients (and many have contacted us). The reality was, it was very difficult to design an effective online marketing solution for attorneys…A solution that would hopefully generate ROI for law firms, given the high Adwords prices per click in the legal market. However, times have changed. We’ve developed a 4 tier pricing model that should work for law firms (even solo practitioners). We now offer combination packages... 

    Internet Marketing for Lawyers

    Tweet Lawyers face unique challenges in marketing their practices online. The prices per click that attorneys pay for Google Adwords can be very high relative to other industries. And a similarly competitive environment is seen in the SEO world too. This may be because the lawyer market is extremely fragmented… By some estimations there may be as many as 100,000 small law firms in the United States. When a market is this fragmented, firms start competing for limited leads, traffic, and, most... 

    Real Estate Lead Generation

    Tweet Article #1: Successful Methods Of Real Estate Lead Generation by: Amanda Smith Acquiring leads is the single most important and difficult aspect of the real estate business. Without a lead, there is no client, so all realtors dedicate a significant amount of time to collecting contact information and establishing relationships with potential prospects. There are many ways to generate leads, all of them with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Whether traditional or modern, it’s... 


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